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OBE (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

AIP (Antique Iron)

ACB (Antique Copper)

ACD (Antique Copper)

ACL (Antique Copper)

AD (Copper Plated)

AI (Antique Iron)

BK (Black Color)

DAF (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

DC (Dull Chrome)

DN (Dull Nickel)

EG (Oil bronze epoxy)

PC (Polished Chrome)

SL (Stainless Steel)

SNK (Brushed Nickel)

TNP (Tin Color)

WT (White Epoxy)


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PERSONALITY of GANDAN design zinc handles

PERSONALITY of GANDAN design zinc handles

Are you the typical GANDAN fans?
The GANDAN fan is hard to describe in one word it’s more
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She/he have a taste for art, is worldly and ambitious.
A lady/gentleman with fresh and independent attitude
enjoying the simplistic life, who stands out from the crowd. 
They are full of creativity, and has their own genuine
thoughts reflecting their individuality.
They always keen to find subtle elegance when it comes to
their living style.
Touch and Feel GANDAN. Start Experience the Amazing Journey!
GANDAN group
GANDAN provides the DESIRABLE lifestyle zinc handles and PEACEFUL zamac handles at home.
Offers the DISCERNING zinc pulls, INDIVIDUAL TASTE zamac pulls and PREFERENCES zinc handles.
Deliver a SERVICE that is truly PRECISION zinc furniture handles.
Made to last for many DECADES experience and paying extra attention to DETAIL kitchen zinc handles, COMFORT drawer zinc handles, RELIABILITY zamak handles, QUALITY zinc handles, DESIGN zinc handles, and CRAFTSMANSHIP zinc handles.